All pilots who are on medication for the treatment of hypertension are required to submit periodic status reports from their treating physician.  A letter is required when a pilot reports treatment for hypertension for the first time.  Subsequently, a status report is required once a year for those pilots applying for first and second class medical certificates, and at the time of every exam for those pilots applying for a third class medical certificate.  The letter must be typewritten and be on the doctor's letterhead.  The FAA will not accept handwritten notes or notes written on a prescription pad.

The letter must include the following information:
   1)  The names and dosages of all medications prescribed for the control of blood pressure
   2)  A statement that the airman is not experiencing any side effects from the medications (assuming that is
        the case)
   3)  A statement that the airman has not developed any end organ complications (once again, assuming that
        is the case)
   4)  Sample blood pressure readings from the Doctor's office (not just the airman's own readings taken at